June 04, 2007

New Stuff!!

I have always had a kind of decorating identity crisis. Deciding on a style is like picking a favorite family member...it can't be done! I like too many different types of stuff. Modern stuff, antique stuff, shabby stuff, shiny stuff...you get the idea.
So, once I finished painting the living room, the search was on for pillows and curtains. Picking colors and knowing what "goes" with what is not my strong suit. (This affliction crosses over into my clothes closet, too. I could be a prime candidate on "What Not To Wear". Stacy and Clinton would kick my ass!! )
Back to the pillows and such...I looked and looked forever. I wish I could sew my own custom made things, but my knowledge of how to operate a sewing machine got left behind at Hunking Middle School 8th grade Home Ec class.

I found these beauties at TJ Maxx.

Silk -(with a 9 year old boy, a husband and 2 cats) am I crazy?? LOL
Blue is not something I would have ever chosen but it looks so pretty against the new gold in my wall color, and it's the color of a Tiffany box- big thumbs up. I have a gorgeous curtain rod with pretty finials and such, but it needs to be spray painted. Once I figure out how to do that without spraying paint all over myself, I will post hanging curtain pictures!