July 31, 2007

Blank Wall No More

A couple years ago, I tried my hand at this faux finish in the dining room (translate= eat-in kitchen). It was so simple to do (just dunk an old t-shirt into some glaze and slop and swirl it on!) and added a ton of texture and visual interest. Unfortunately, the large expanse of wall remained blank for the better part of 2 years. I was at a loss as to how to fill the space. Later, we would like to add on and add windows, but I wanted a more affordable fix for now.
One day, I was at The Christmas Tree Shop and found these 2 ledges. $9 bucks each! I have to say, it was tough hanging them, and my husband and I were furiously flinging drywall anchors at each other (jokingly) by the end of it. I hate keyhole mounts! gaarh!!! We have too many chairs! lol , but the wall is no longer a boring stretch of nothingness. I would like to shop for more interesting doo-dads for the shelves (bigger things would look better up there) but for now, a few favorite things will do.
I had to mention this red piece of furniture. This was the center part of a small entertainment unit that my Aunt had built years ago. It had bookcases on either side, which she kept, but gave this to me when she moved into her new apartment. It spent a while in our office as a tv / printer stand, until I moved it in here to hold my cookbooks and table linens. That Grape-Nuts picture on the wall is an old grape-drying rack. That hung in my childhood home until my mother gave it to me for my first home, almost 10 years ago, and I love it. My friend Kelley threatens to smuggle it home every time she's here! LOL

July 09, 2007

Curtains...finally :)

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted about the new living room stuff. In that time, I've been super busy - school let out, and my son has been doing all sorts of summer activities. Speaking of my son, I started a diabetes blog and have been devoting some time to that as well.

Where we left off last was curtains for the living room. I hate to buy new when a coat of paint will do, so I took a can of spray paint to the gold colored curtain rod , and transformed it to a "wrought iron" look.

So, without any further ado...