August 28, 2007

90% Done

I patched...
I sanded...
I primed and painted...
And here it is so far!

This little room has taken up so much of our time, but the end is finally in sight! The last 10% on the to do list is finishing touches. Curtains, pictures on the doors. Maybe it should be more like 80% done.

Everything came from IKEA, and these magazine organizers are my favorite thing in the whole room. It manages my huge addiction to Real Simple. I love how neat and orderly everything looks now.
Speaking of IKEA, we had such a good experience shopping there. It was an all-day event, but we ended up getting exactly what we needed for this room. Even putting everything together wasn't as painful as we had anticipated.

Soon it will be 100% done, and then it's on to finish my sad looking bedroom. (after a well-deserved break!)


Anonymous said...


Everything is looking so good!


Lea said...

Thanks Elaine :)
When I'm feeling better, I will finish up my bedroom paint job. It has been on the back burner for way too long!